Raleigh, NC Crime Rate: What You Should Know in 2022 (2023)

Today you’ll learn more about Raleigh, NC crime rate and see what type of crime is the most common in the state capital of North Carolina. First, let’s check some general info about the city.

Raleigh has 488,344 residents, and it’s located in Wake County. It is the second-largest city in NC, which was founded in 1792. Raleigh is also known for 180 miles of greenway trails, making it an ideal place to live in if you love spending time in nature.

History of Raleigh, NC Crime Rate

There is not much history data regarding specific crimes in Raleigh. Based on our research, there were no significant mafia families or other forms of organized crime. However, the data we found goes back to 2006, when the overall crime index was 359.1.

The number dropped slightly in 2007, to 339.0, but got back up to 342.0 in 2008. In 2009, the crime index measured per 100,000 residents was 307.4. Fast forward to 2019, when the crime index was 165.5 — almost a half of what it was 10 years before.

Current Raleigh Crime Rate

Raleigh’s current total crime rates are just 3% higher than the national average. The violent crime rate is just 1% higher, and the property crime rate is 3% up. Raleigh is safer than about 29% of other cities in America, even though its crime rates increased by 18% year-over-year.

Additionally, the total daily crime rate is 6.61, which is lower than North Carolina’s (7.25) but slightly higher than the US average of 6.43.

Raleigh crime map shows that the safest surrounding cities and neighborhoods are:

  • Rolesville
  • Cary
  • Fuquay-Varina
  • Holly Springs
  • Apex

On the other hand, some of the least safe neighborhoods are Northeast Raleigh, Southeast Raleigh, and Garner.

Different Types of Crimes

Like in any city with a high population density, various personal and property crimes occur in Raleigh. There were 11,636 reported crimes during 2020 — 1,891 were violent, and 9,745 were property crimes. This is an increase compared to 2019, when 1,222 violent crimes were reported in Raleigh. In terms of violent crimes, assault is the most common one, while the most frequent property crime is theft.

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Raleigh Crime Rate for Crimes Against Persons

Personal crimes include murders, aggravated assaults, rapes, and robberies. Here’s how Raleigh residents behaved in 2020 regarding crime against persons.

In 2020, Raleigh had a 4.4 murder rate.


The latest reports show that Raleigh had 21 reported incidents of murder in 2020. The city’s murder rate is 4.4, lower than North Carolina’s (8.0) and the US average murder rate (6.5). Moreover, murder is the least common violent crime in Raleigh.

Raleigh had an assault rate of 256.5 in 2020.


Raleigh, North Carolina crime rate for aggravated assault stood at 256.5 in 2020, with 1,237 reported incidents. What’s more, this was the most common crime in the city for the measured period. It’s also a little lower than North Carolina’s and the US average rates, which were 314.5 and 279.7, respectively.

There were 165 reported incidents of rape in 2020.


According to the crime rate in North Carolina, Raleigh locals reported 165 cases of rape in 2020, which translates to a 34.2 rape rate measured per 100,000 residents. For comparison, the state’s average was 27.6, and the national average was 38.4.

There were 468 cases of robbery in 2020.


Robbery was the second-most common type of personal crime in Raleigh, with 468 reported incidents in 2020. Raleigh has a robbery rate of 97.0, while North Carolina and the US have 69.2 and 73.9, respectively.

Crime Rate in Raleigh, NC for Crimes Against Property

In 2020, there were a total of 9,745 reported incidents of property crime in Raleigh, with theft making up 7,081 of this number. Burglary is the least common crime, but the numbers are still pretty high.

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Raleigh’s burglary rate for 2020 was 270.0.


Raleigh’s residents reported 1,302 burglaries in 2020, with a rate of 270.0. Still, it’s significantly lower than the state’s (471.2) and national (314.2) rates.

Theft was the most common crime against property, with 7,081 reported cases in 2020.


Residents of Raleigh reported 7,081 thefts in 2020, giving Raleigh a theft rate of 1,468.3, measured per 100,000 residents. The North Carolina crime rate for theft is 1,561.7, and the national one is 1,398.0.

There were 1,362 vehicle thefts in Raleigh in 2020.


The latest FBI report shows there were 1,362 incidents of vehicle theft in 2020. Thus, Raleigh has a vehicle theft rate of 282.4. For comparison, North Carolina’s rate is 193.6, and the US rate is 246.0. If you drive here, you better have a car alarm installed.

The rate for arson in Raleigh was 7.5 in 2019.


The latest available data on arson is from 2019, when the crime rate for this type of crime was 7.5. Back then, the US average arson rate per 100,000 residents was 10.8.


Current Raleigh, NC crime rate data shows it’s overall safe to visit and live in. The crime rates are just 3% higher than the national average, and the city is safer than 29% of other American cities.

There were 11,636 total crimes in 2020, with aggravated assault being the most common type of personal crime and theft being the most common type of property crime. In addition, murders are the least common crime in Raleigh.

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People Also Ask

Is Raleigh, NC a safe city?

Raleigh is among the top 20 best places to live in North Carolina, with total crime being just 3% higher than the US average. It is safer than about 29% of other cities in the nation, and its YoY crime rate increased by 18%.

If you live here, you have one in 42 chances of being a victim of any crime. Additionally, locals report feeling fairly safe in most areas.

What is Raleigh, NC crime rate?

The current crime rate in Rayleigh is 3% higher than the national average, with the violent crime rate being just 1% higher. This makes Raleigh a pretty safe place to live in. Its total crime rate is 2,413, measured per 100,000 residents. Additionally, this city is safer than 29% of other cities.

Citizens of Raleigh reported 11,636 crime incidents in 2020, out of which 1,891 were violent and 9,745 property crimes.

What parts of Raleigh are unsafe?

Some of the most dangerous city suburbs are Central Raleigh, which has 636% more crime than Raleigh’s average. Then there’s East Raleigh, with 232% more crime incidents; South Central, with 181% more crime; and North Central, with 84% more crime. Garner, a suburb in the south of Raleigh, is also dangerous, especially in terms of property crime.

On the other hand, some of the safest neighborhoods are Rolesville, Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs, and Apex.

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Is Raleigh or Charlotte safer?

Overall, Raleigh is a safer city than Charlotte — the violent crime rate in Raleigh is 392, while in Charlotte, it’s 836. Raleigh’s murder rate per 100,000 residents in 2020 was 4.4, while the rate in Charlotte was 12.4. In addition, Charlotte also has more aggravated assaults and higher rates of property crimes, including burglary, theft, and vehicle theft.

What is the safest city to live in North Carolina?

Current crime rate data for North Carolina cities shows that Holly Springs is the safest place in NC. Holly Springs’ total crime rate is 57% lower than the US average, while its violent and property crime rates are 80% and 52% lower, respectively.

Additionally, Holly Springs is safer than 77% of other cities in the US. If you are looking to move to a safer city in the state and the Raleigh, NC crime rate worries you, Holly Springs can be a great choice.

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